Equity Checklist
National Opportunity to Learn Campaign

The “Equity Checklist” distills the most important policies put forward by the Congress’ Equity and Excellence Commission and supported by advocates and organizers around the country. It is a blueprint of evidence-based proposals for ensuring equity and opportunity for each and every child.

If you are a parent or student, use it to evaluate your local school and district. If you’re a teacher or school official, use it determine if you have what you need to best serve your students. If you’re a policymaker, use this checklist to shape your approach to education reform.

Read it. Share it. Use it. Together we can ensure that every child has access to a fair and substantive opportunity to learn.

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  • tprice

    What a helpful resource! I love to see where the things that we in the academy may discuss abstractly, meet what can be done on a practical level to achieve change.

    3 Apr

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