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As former festival directors of the Women of Color Film Festival at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, CA, Linda and I have maintained our passion about promoting underrepresented female voices in male-dominated forums. One of the most powerful aspects of the festival experience was the Q&A sessions, wherein audience members could interact with the filmmakers to enhance the community engagement of its social message.

From this model, we want to create a user-generated content website that is driven by open-ended questions that invite visitors to participate, either with comments, postings, videos, visuals, etc.. Some of these questions do not have any easy answer; the hope is to stimulate thought-provoking conversations.

We see the need to focus on the topic of educational equity for girls of color, since recent media have tended to report on the critical needs of boys in the educational system. The conventional wisdom is that all girls are doing fine, because researchers, policymakers and news reporters have been fixated on the headline grabbing crisis of boys. The issues of girls of color are complex, and factors such as race, class, and gender biases all impact their lives beyond the classroom walls. 

We have co-produced the video documentary, It’s Our Time: The Empathy Gap for Girls of Colorand will use excerpts from it to initiate our conversions. We hope you’ll join us!

Rosa Lau + Linda Charmaraman


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